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Portfolio T is the Venture Studio for a global technology and digital company currently operating in stealth mode. But we’re unlike any venture studio you’ve experienced before.

We work on disruptive, sustainable solutions that touch every aspect of life — energy and water, education, health, food, nature, renewable energy, tourism, media, financial services, mobility, and more.

We’re also helping to create the world’s first ecosystem of cognitive technologies, including unrivaled connectivity, computing capability, AI, and robotics that will enhance lives and protect our planet.

What makes this opportunity unique?
Portfolio T
Transformation from scratch to scale.

This is your chance to help reboot the planet quite literally, right when we need it most. Ready to join us? The world can’t wait.

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We’re hosting conversations, keynotes, networking opportunities, and Masterclasses around the world to create a new generation of engaged entrepreneurs — because it takes us all to change it all. Submit your email to be notified about future events.

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